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Gisela Baurmann
Studio at Princeton University


Atacama Desert Fog Garden, Machinic Arts Laboratory, Experimental Station of Alto Patache: Atacama Desert Centre


Friday 20091030, 12.30PM - 4.00PM

Jurors: Jonas Coersmeier, Brett Snyder, Daina Taimina


Assignment 1
Crochet models with
- variations
- global diagrams
- rule sets

Assignment 2
Curved Folding Exercise
- tests from printing paper
- final sample

Assignment 3
Einstein Tower Exercise
- Detail of Einstein Tower, in which 3 surfaces meet (photograph)
- Architectural section Drawing scale 1/4"=1' at the location of the chosen detail
- Drawing: Traces of vertices/ edges present in the detail photograph
- Drawings: Detail in plan and section

Assignment 4
Einstein Tower Detail Models
- Metal wire (vertices)
- Paper (planes)
- Rhino surface model - clean geometry optimized means

Genealogy of words
- terminology pertaining to the spatial behavior of the Einstein Tower detail
synonyms, antonyms, connotations
develop your individual terminology to describe your project

Assignment 5
- Field/Pattern from multiplied and manipulated surface detail (min 3), include
- Set of descriptive and analytical drawings (min 10)
- identify spatial condition for 2 connected/adjacent spaces
- build detail models of 2 adjacent rooms out of watercolor paper with minimal glue, include a scaled figure (scale approx. 1/4"=1')

prepare your presentation in a coherent format
carefully choose line weights and -styles
limit your choice of color and shades to one
photographs may be mixed with line drawings

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